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  • If you like pub food this is the place. It’s our favorite neighborhood restaurant. They have a good selection of beers on tap and no shortage of televisions if you want to watch the ball game. The food is mostly pub fare but it is tasty. The service has gotten much better and the staff is accomadating for special dietary requests.

    10/27/2015 | bigmak11, Clarksburg, MD
  • We were traveling home and needed a place to stop for lunch. This happened to be the only place off of the exit. Which I am very glad it was! Very nice place to eat! Very clean and the staff was very nice. They have an outdoor patio and bar area. In my opinion you get a decent amount of food for the price you pay. Especially with the children’s meals. And of all the places that have sweet potato fries….i like these the best. So give those a try 🙂

    6/29/2015 | Rosario P., Carlisle, PA
  • This Bennigan’s has become my neighborhood Cheers. Do note that I sit at the bar each time I visit so I cannot comment on the overall dining experience.

    I’m there almost weekly and I often see the same people as well as my favorite bartenders, Jen and Rick. They know my name, drink, and food order, and will hold hilarious and great conversations with me. The food is always good and the chef(s) will accommodate to pretty much any change I may request. I love how there’s five screens right at the bar and enough seats to accommodate busy nights. There’s only been a few times where I wasn’t able to find a seat but if that’s the only con, I’ll take it.

    Overall, I am pleased with the atmosphere, the food, and the service.

    4/9/2015 | Jeneffer H., Washington, DC
  • Bennigans is close by, food has been consistently good and the $3.00 beers – affordable! I wish there were more selections though! Music they have out on the back patio is GREAT!!!

    5/28/2014 | JH Cox, Clarksburg, MD
  • Four years ago, one of my favorite lunchtime places closed its doors in Rockville, Bennigans’. I had heard the entire chain closed and was very sad. Then a few weeks ago, a friend of mine mentioned that there was a great place called Bennigans’ in nearby Clarksburg. After exploring their website, I found that the menu was almost identical to the one that had closed down. I told my husband that we needed to go there for my birthday. It did not disappoint! The very same yummy Turkey O’Toole sandwich was on the menu along with other favorites such as the Monte Cristo and Pub Bites at affordable prices. Onion rings and fries were crisp and tasty, and onion soup not too salty.Reasonably priced signature cocktails were also available such as the Angry Irishman and the Lemon Drop Martini for only $7. Wait staff were super friendly and took time to chat and answer our questions. The manager stopped by and explained that this was the only franchise currently in Maryland but more may be on the way. I highly recommend and plan on returning in the near future to explore more of the menu.

    1/20/2014 | Linda B., Germantown, MD
  • We were HUGE fans of Bennigan’s when we lived in FL so when we saw this place on our way home to PA, we HAD to stop. Some big changes were obvious. The place was a lot smaller than the ones we were used to, and the menu was cut by 3/4. They DID still have their potato soup, and the most awesome sandwich, the Monte Cristo. The service was good. The only issue I had was when I asked for my steak to be medium well, it came out almost rare. They fixed it right away and were great about it. The biggest causality of the menu cut was thee desserts. Before, they had some great signature choices like their Death by Chocolate, and White Chocolate Avalanche… Now… Just typical desserts that just didn’t sing out to me.

    11/30/2013 | Justin A., State College, PA
  • So I got a flier and was in awe on how the burgers looked. We drove past it and made a U turn and went in. Nice Hostess and wait staff. Place looked cozy, the tvs had sports on it… Soon after our server who was uber cool, took our drink orders and then our food order.

    I ordered an appetizer sampler which had the best quesadillas and some sweet tangy sauce… the nachos were awful. I hate sloppy nachos. So sorry you lose a star there. We got a few nachos for all the crap they loaded on it. When asked for more the server said he had to charge us. I mean what is 10 extra chips? Of course I declined.

    We ordered burgers and I must say they were damn good. Something about the actual burger made it tasty. I think its like angus or something its def no cheap quality burger like at Red Robin.

    The only thing I hated about my burger is that I forgot to ask for a pretzel bun, I forgot that I had choices. I wish my server had asked me what type of bun I want because Im very forgetful.

    Throughout our meal, our server checked on us, refilled our drinks and granted our wishes. I will definitely return.

    10/7/2013 | Solace C., Clarksburg, MD
  • Oh how I’ve missed you Bennigan’s! It’s so far from my house or else I’d prob go often. Wings and the monte cristo are essentials to every meal I have here, lol. Both are bomb. My friend also ordered us the broccoli bites and garden fries. The garden fries were a bit too oily for me… but the broccoli bites were to die for! Broccoli, cheese and bacon with honey dijon dipping sauce. mmmmMM! Fried everything…. Heart failure here I come…

    Restaurant is really new and nice inside. The bartender on point and never neglected us even though were at the tables instead of hte bar.

    7/27/2013 | Phi N., Glenmont, MD
  • On Saturday night around 5pm me and one of my GF’s (Janis – she insisted I put her name in my review 🙂 ) went to the new Bennigan’s in Clarksburg for the first time. I was surprised at how crowded it was so early in the evening.

    We sat at one of the small bar tables in the bar area and had some appetizers (chicken tenders, monte cristo sammies) as our dinner. The food was great and the things we saw coming out of the kitchen like the HUGE burgers and the large portion of fish and chips had us figuring out how soon we culd get back here! The appetizers a couple at the table next to us ordered (the Claire sampler) looked fantastic and they said it was great. Frankie Kinney is one of the bartenders and he waits tables in the bar area too – ask for him if you go in. He was fun to talk to and knew the menu.

    I also heard that they have live bands on Friday nights out on their patio and they have those listed for upcoming Friday nights on all the bar tables which I thought was very smart.

    Pros: the food – I ate my leftovers in small portions so I wouldn’t finish too quickly! I cannot wait to go back again. Good portion size.

    Cons: it’s too bad the restaurant isn’t bigger. I can really see this as being the “in” place to go in Clarksburg because they cater to all groups (singles, families, older, younger, etc.). All the TV’s in the bar area will make this a very popular place for football games.

    Service – I’ve heard alot of people take issue with the service being slow – we were there for 2 hours and I have to admit if we sat at a table we would have been served faster because there was plenty of waitstaff for the tables but only 2 bartenders to serve the entire bar and the bar table area. So – if you’re starving or just want faster service sit at a table and not in the bar. I was looking to hang out for a while and sitting in the bar area was more fun for me.

    4/22/2013 | Denise S., Clarksburg MD
  • Loved it here and had such a great dining experience, thank you Bennigan’s! I might be a little biased and got a little nostalgic since I used to work at the Bennigan’s in Laurel.

    We happened to stumble on this location on Valentine’s Day….my husband and I were doing a final walkthrough of our new home and realized that the restaurant was only 10 mins away and just opened up this year….what?! We HAD to go out and celebrate here. And I’m soooo glad we did!

    We got there at the beginning of the dinner rush and were greeted by two friendly hostesses. Our waitress was awesome…attentive, polite, and friendly. All our food came out in a timely manner and service was awesome. One of the employees went around the restaurant giving all the ladies flowers and a woman (owner or manager, I think) came around giving heart-shaped candy to every table. Everything created such a warm and friendly environment that will definitely have me coming back again.

    We had the SW eggrolls (called something else now) with the pineapple pepper cream sauce (still awesome) and broccoli bites (still the same…awesome!). My husband had a new item on the menul (Chipotle Burger), he said it was good. I had the Turkey O’Toole…which completely brought me back to my old days since I probably ate that for lunch every day for a year :). They’re honey dijon dressing is just as amazing as it was 10 years ago. My only complaint….I WISH that they would bring back the apple sizzler. That was my absolute favorite dessert and was kind of sad to see it gone. 🙂

    We will definitely be back, can’t wait stil the summer time and check out the outdoor seating. Thanks Bennigan’s for bringing back so many wonderful memories!

    2/15/2013 | Michelle N., Germantown, MD